Insurance Expert Witness
Insurance Agent’s Errors & Omissions


Claims Adjusting and Coverage Disputes are meticulously analyzed and a Proof of Loss is prepared to maximize the potential for the most favorable settlement. Negotiations with company adjusters are enacted on the client’s behalf from the position of expertise held by Mr. Sapourn.

Litigation Advice and Testimony services provided by Mr. Sapourn to assist attorneys in such areas as insurance contract construction, claims administration, insurance agency management, and the proper interpretation of the industry Standard of Care expected of insurance agents when they place coverage on behalf of clients. He can be a passionate, persuasive advocate in deposition or courtroom testimony.

Policy Construction and Interpretation requires in-depth analysis and evaluation of contracts requiring training and experience to understand. Mr. Sapourn uses his knowledge and experience to determine coverage, factors in limitations and penalties, and arrives at a reasonable value for the claim presented.


Agency Management and Operations practices become the threshold issue for any agency battling with Errors and Omissions litigation. How an agency does business can help or hurt its case. Mr. Sapourn advises agencies on methods and strategies to minimize exposure to E&O claims.

Client and Company Communications must be honest and accurate if agencies are to avoid E&O claims. Agencies are accountable to both their clients and to the companies with which they have agency agreements.

Binding Authority and Procurement of Coverage requires that agents periodically review their agency agreements to avoid violations. If an agent violates his agreement and a claim results, his E&O insurance may be the only way to cover the losses.

Client Consultations and Coverage Reviews are important aspects of developing relationships with clients and earning their long term loyalty. Agents who assume an advisory role should periodically review their clients’ needs with them and make adjustments as needed. Such practices help to minimize uncovered losses and thus E&O claims.

Claims Handling by agents should follow company guidelines for reporting claims. Agents are responsible to both the client and the company who may have differing views on the amount of the claim.

Premium Billing and Segregation of Funds are addressed in most states by statutes and most agents comply with these guidelines. Trouble can arise if agency working capital is commingled with customer premiums collected. Mr. Sapourn is a Premium Billing Expert and can advise agencies on the best practices for handling funds.

Documentation quality reflects an agency’s business practices. Comprehensive, consistent, accurate, up-to-date documentation is essential and can provide needed protection during litigation. Sapourn Insurance Consultants can provide a Document Specialist to review agency files.