Insurance Expert Witness for Attorneys & Lawyers

Agency E&O Auditor Large Property Claims Adjusting and Advice

E & O Audits Consultant Mr. Sapourn has been qualified as an Expert in State and Federal Court in the areas of Property and Casualty insurance coverage and in Agency Management and Operations. Agent’s Errors and Omissions cases are his specialty.

In 1984, he earned his JD from the Georgetown University Law Center. He spent 23 years as an Agency Principal and CEO, running one of the largest, most well-respected insurance agencies in the Washington, DC area. He served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) association, one of the two largest trade associations serving the insurance agent community.

He applies this extensive experience in assisting attorneys with:

  • Determining Coverage for the broad variety of Property and Casualty Coverage Forms.
  • Helping to establish the Agent’s Standard of Care in E&O cases.
  • Assistance with Claims evaluation, negotiation and settlement.
  • Providing Counsel and testimony on Insurance Fraud cases.

Advising E&O Insurance Carriers and their Agents:
This review entails an on-site visit to determine the agency’s exposure to E&O claims resulting from its operations and methods. A written report results from the audit review and recommendations are made. This report can be used to negotiate lower E&O Insurance premiums through credits earned as a result of undergoing this process.

Advising Customers about their claims:
Insurance Buyers are generally at the mercy of insurance companies and their claims adjusting philosophies. When a claim for substantial property damage is made, the Insurance Buyer needs help navigating the mysterious claims process. Mr. Sapourn can assist in developing a comprehensive Proof of Loss, and he can negotiate for the maximum amount due the Insurance Buyer from his knowledge of little known coverages in the insurance policy.